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Paul Gallagher workshop

13 October 2012

Landscape photographer Paul Gallagher from Liverpool came over to Northern Ireland for the weekend with his friend Michael to give a workshop to a bunch of keen landscape photographers. I was one of the gang who went down to Bloody bridge car park outside Newcastle on the Saturday to spend time photographing waterfalls and rocky shorelines. We then went on to Tyrella beach in the afternoon to capture the sun setting behind the Mourne Mountains before having a nice meal together in the Bucks Head restaurant that evening. The following day we had a review of our work in Bangor camera club premises before heading on to Crawfordsburn country park for the final afternoons shoot.

If you have never been on a workshop before I would strongly recommend you do so irrespective of your skill level. The amount of hints and tips you pick up from these professionals is always of great value and time spent at a workshop will improve your photographic skills no end. Unfortunately it also proved expensive for some of us as Paul demonstrated the value of using a tilt shift lens  in landscape photography  and a number of us realised just how valuable this type of lens would be our future landscape images and went out and bought one the following week!


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